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Custom Nylon Parts

Nylon is a polymer but not actually one, single substance but the name given to a whole family of very singular materials called polyamides. Nylon can be melt-processed into Nylon molded parts such as fibers, films, or shapes like the wide variety of custom molded products we offer for your custom part of product needs.

Nylon characteristics:

  • Better weathering properties; sunlight resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High melting point (256°C/492.8°F)
  • More compact molecular structure
  • Superior colorfastness

Nylon Machining

Nylon machining polymers have found significant commercial applications in fibers (flooring and rubber reinforcement) and in shapes (molded parts for cars, electrical equipment and more). At CFS, our engineering grade nylon is processed by extrusion, casting, and injection molding and is widely used in the automobile industry.

To learn more about our custom extrusions and molding using Nylon, please contact us today.