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Custom Tape & Silicone Plug Products

Double Sided Tapes, Silicone Plugs and Caps, and More

At Custom Fabricating & Supplies, we offer custom tape products and custom silicone caps and plugs to meet your special applications. CFS is eager to discuss your applications and product needs whether you need double sided tapes or silicone plugs, we know that Custom Fabricating & Supplies will be a superior supply source for your company.

Our goal is to provide quality products such as double sided tapes, service, and technical support to all of our customers. We are founded on the principle of high quality products at the most reasonable prices we can offer including double sided tapes, silicone caps, silicone plugs, hooks, and tape discs.

To learn more about our line of tapes, silicone plugs and caps, please contact us today.