2 Mil Blue Polymask Protection Tape


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Product Details

Our standard blue polymask protection tape is 2 Mil. It is designed to be tear and puncture resistant. A self adhering film, it provides easy applicaiton with smooth lamination to the surface. Quick peel off performance leaves not residue on the finished part. Excellent for Class A finished Products or stainless steel and plastic protection in shipping and manufacturing. Available in perforated rolls or die cut. Inquire about custom protection tapes today!

Product Features

  • Effective in many outdoor applications for up to 3 days
  • Surface protection against dust, dirt and moderate abrasion encountered in handling, shipping and storage
  • Transparent backing with proprietary adhesive works for a wide variety of applications, offering excellent contact clarity, quick adhesion, repositionable and smooth removal
  • Good conformability for hand and machine applied applications
  • Backing designed for good stamping and die cutting


  • 2 Mil Total Thickness


  • Tensile Strength (PSI) - 2500
  • Elongation (%) - 450
  • Steel Adhesion (oz/in) - 5

Application Ideas

  • GENERAL—smooth semi-gloss cultured marble, high pressure laminates.
  • METALS—2B #3 and #4 finish stainless steel.
  • PAINTED—smooth semi-gloss
  • PAINTED—lightly textured high-gloss
  • PLASTICS—smooth semi-gloss
  • PLASTICS—lightly textured high-gloss