3D Printing

CFS can produce custom plastic or rubber parts on its 3D printer. We can provide custom molded prototypes or small production runs in 2-3 days rather than the standard lead time of 3-5 weeks. Verify your custom parts prior to tooling and decrease the total project time from start to finish.

Our 3D Printer enables us to simulate diverse mechanical & physical properties from rubber to rigid, opaque to transparent, and standard to ABS-grade. Finished parts range from 40-95 Duro.

Model Materials:
  • Transparent material (VeroClear) for prototyping clear & tinted products with great dimensional stability and surface smoothness
  • Rubber-like materials (Tango family) including black & translucent - suitable for a range of applications requiring non-slip or soft surfaces
  • Transparent material general-purpose (RGD720)
  • Rigid Opaque materials (Vero family) in a variety of colors including white, gray, blue & black
  • Simulated Polypropylene materials with toughness & durability to create smooth prototypes with living hinges, flexible closures & snap-fit parts
Digital Model Materials:
  • Digital ABS™ (RGD5160-DM fabricated from RGD515 and RGD535) simulates ABS engineering plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness. Digital ABS2 matches those properties and provides superior rigidity and toughness in walls thinner than 1.2 mm (.047 in.).
  • High Temperature material for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, static applications and exhibition modeling
  • Transparent shades and patterns
  • Rigid opaque shades
  • Different shore value rubber-like materials
  • Polypropylene with improved thermal resistance