3M 421 Lead Tape


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Product Details

3M™ Lead Foil Tape 421 is a dark gray, lead foil backed tape coated with a distinct green rubber adhesive that offers good initial grab and a long-lasting bond that removes cleanly for most surfaces. It is an extremely conformable and pliable tape that can be formed into detailed and intricate shapes and patterns. The lead foil backing can be burnished to fully cover the adhesive and allow full contact of the lead foil to the metal base. This metal to metal contact results in a continuation of the electrical path, reducing build-up at the adhesive interface.

This lead foil tape is formulated to be electrically and thermally conductive and carries a strong acid and base resistance, making it ideal for electroplating or as a radiation barrier. Due to the density, weight and malleability of the lead foil, this tape makes an excellent choice for weighting and balancing, particularly for golf clubs where weight and conformability are crucial for balance and club performance.

Product Features

  • Temperature Rating: 225° F / 106C°
  • Very good conformability
  • Good thermal properties and will perform over a wide variety of temperature conditions. It has been used at higher temperatures for shorter durations
  • Electrically and thermally conductive
  • Best results are obtained when applied to a clean dry surface above 32°F (0°C)
  • By “feathering” the edges – rubbing the tape down with a smooth-edged plastic piece (or similar object) – the tape can be made to better conform to the substrate. This is especially important if the tape is to be used as a “thief” in electroplating where the edges must fully contact the metal base.
  • Custom sizes available for same day shipment
  • Standard die cut sizes in stock or can be made to your specifications


  • 4 Mil Lead Backing
  • 2.3 Mil Rubber Adhesive
  • 6.3 Mil Total Thickness
  • Roll Length - 36 yards


  • Tensile Strength (lb/in) - 15
  • Elongation (%) - 14
  • Steel Adhesion (oz/in) - 45

Disposal and Safety Concerns

  • This material when disposed of separately is classified as RCRA hazardous waste. Please consult applicable Federal, State and local regulations for proper disposal
  • Wear protective gloves and/or wash hands after working with tape
  • Elevated lead levels in water may result from long term submersion of this product.
Materials Specifications