Foam & Sponge

Using the highest quality materials, CFS manufactures custom products for gasketing, gap filling, sealing, cushioning, shock absorption, and vibration control. From applications requiring a simple gasket, to heat shielding, insulating, chemical resistance and weather resistance we have a solution for needs. We can laminate adhesive to any of your parts for easy application and assembly.


With our dieless knife cutting technology we can not only cut these materials with great precision, but we can also mill them to create different thickness profiles within the same part. This is ideal for short production runs where the set-up costs for a mold would be prohibitive.

Our 9001:2015 certification ensures that the components you receive from CFS are of the highest quality and conformance. We can supply PPAPs if requested. As our digital knife system does not require expensive dies, we can produce samples quickly and inexpensively. Inquire about our rapid prototyping capabilities.

CFS can die cut foam and sponge of different density, thickness and composition based on the requirements of your application. Some of our most popular sponge and foam products include:

  • Poron® urethane foam (Open)
  • Silicone Sponge and foam (Open)
  • ECH (Closed)
  • EVA (Closed)
  • PVC/NBR (closed)
  • Natural Sponge (open)
  • Polyurethane Foam (Open)
  • Carbon Impregnated Foam
  • Volana ® (Polyethylene)
  • Crushed Cellular Foam
  • EPDM (Closed)
  • PVC foam
  • Neoprene (Open and Closed)
  • Nitrile/Buna-N (Closed)

Looking for material specifications? Check out our Resources page.

Foam is usually classified as open or closed cell. Open cell foam operates like a spring, easily returning to its original state after compression due to the unrestricted air movement and chemical makeup. Soft and breathable, open cell foam is generally more flexible and can more easily conform to sealing applications than closed cell foam. Often used for sound proofing and insulation it is less durable than closed cell options.

Closed cell foam is defined as a cell totally enclosed by its walls and not interconnecting with other cells. This type of material is ideal for sealing as it effectively reduces liquid and gas flow. Closed cell foam is also ideal for industries in which liquid resistance is critical, such as marine, HVAC, and automotive.

CFS die-cuts and converts flexible materials to solve many different adhesive applications. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide you the material you need in the exact size, shape, and format required for your application. Contact us for a material or die-cut sample.