Laser Die CuttingLaser Die Cutting

Laser Die Cutting

Laser die cutting technology can be leveraged to produce rapid prototypes and production die cuts with extreme precision while eliminating hard tooling costs. Unlike traditional die cutting methods, the laser can create tricky patterns and fine details which are otherwise impossible. This highly repeatable method enables the smallest holes, slots and perforations to be cut with perfection. Tolerances as close as +/-0.002".

Laser Die CuttingLaser Die Cutting
By offering laser and related die cutting techniques and technologies, CFS helps OEMs and suppliers worldwide meet the unique production, quality and regulatory demands of the industry.

Laser precision for perfect die cuts

From die cut thermal pads for LED lighting to EMI shielding for EV batteries, laser die cutting provides almost limitless opportunities to create precision cutouts for a variety of applications.


Unlike traditional die cutting methods, a laser system can quickly and efficiently produce intricate patterns and fine details such as tiny holes, slots or perforations. This advanced machine technology can accommodate die cutting for web widths up to 13 in. (330 mm) with tolerances as small as +/- 0.002 in. (50 µm).


This level of accuracy and precision delivers parts, free of flaws, defects or measuring errors, and makes efficient use of materials for cost savings. Since there is no hard tooling required, rapid prototypes and small production runs can be done quickly and efficiently.


CFS uses a Delta ModTech with Edge laser technology for numerous die cut services . Finished product can be supplied as individual pieces or on rolls. As a standalone service, the laser can create nearly perfect parts. 


Using registration software and sensors, the machinery automatically puts the cut in precisely the right place, consistently delivering a high degree of accuracy.


Coupled with a vision inspection system, this equipment measures, verifies and, when needed, makes real-time adjustments to ensure perfect results for every part. Along with this flexibility comes the ability to hold extremely tight tolerances, ideal for aerospace, electronics, medical and related applications. 


Used in conjunction with rotary dies, a laser die cut product is significantly more precise – and precision counts. For jobs such as perforating, kiss cutting, pull tabs, island placements, and zoned adhesives, the opportunities are limitless.

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