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PTFE Coated Fabric

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Our Premium PTFE fabric is impregnated fiberglass with the highest percent of PTFE coating. The fiberglass cloth provides dimensional stability, while extra-heavy coat of PTFE provides quick-release surface. The fabric is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless for use in food processing, packaging, and handling. This is a non-adhesive product.

Product Features

  • Temperature Rating: 500° F / 260° C
  • Non-adhesive 
  • Available in 4 thicknesses - 3, 4, 6 and 10 Mil
  • Widely used in packaging, heat molding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries
  • Often used for heat sealing or roller wrap
  • Excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength and durability
  • High heat resistance, chemical inertness; outstanding hydrophobic and dielectric properties


  • Roll length - 36 yards
Material PTFE
Temperature Range 0 - 600 F
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