PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape

Our Standard PTFE tapes are impregnated fiberglass with a PTFE coating. Similar to our Premium Grade, it has a lower percent of PTFE coating affording a cost advantage over the premium heat-sealing tape. The fiberglass cloth provides dimensional stability, while the coat of PTFE provides quick-release surface. Silicone adhesive has good chemical resistance, removes cleanly, and is perfect for extreme temperatures. The tape is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless for use in food processing, packaging, and handling. These properties make this tape superb for heat-sealing. Use of this tape on the heating element prevents sticking of molten plastic/polythelene.

Product Features

  • Temperature Rating: 500° F / 260° C
  • Available in 4 thicknesses - 3, 5, 6 and 10 Mil
  • Widely used in packaging, heat molding, laminating, sealing and electrical industries
  • Often used for heat sealing or roller wrap tapes
  • Excellent dimensional stability, tensile strength and durability
  • High heat resistance, chemical inertness; outstanding hydrophobic and dielectric properties


  • Roll Length - 36 yards


PTFE Coated or Teflon™ coated heat sealer tape should be the most consumable part for a heat sealer. Replacing tape when burn-throughs and excessive residue build up occurs will increase the life of other sealer parts.

½” PTFE Coated Tape

The narrower ½” PTFE tape has two common uses when used on heat sealers. For manual impulse sealers, the ½” PTFE tape is used under the wire sealing element. The PTFE tape keeps the element from making direct contact with the metal sealer frame. For high speed machines the ½” PTFE tape is used for added protection on top of a wider PTFE tape strip. The ½” PTFE tape is often thicker than wider PTFE tapes and helps to increase protection when coming into direct contact with the heat sealer.

¾” PTFE Coated Tape

I bar sealers and wire L bar sealers use ¾” PTFE tape over the sealing wire to protect from film build up. Over time, residue builds up on the sealing wire and causes poor performance. The ¾” PTFE coated tape protects the sealing wire from residue build up. Over time residue will build up on the tape and it will need to be replaced. Keeping the tape replaced before the wire burns through it will increase the life of the sealing wire tenfold.

2” PTFE Coated Tape

The 2” PTFE coated tape is often used over manual impulse sealing wires. As mentioned above, keeping the tape replaced over the sealing wire is important in preserving the life of the sealing wire. For higher output machines, the 2” PTFE coated tape is used a base tape layer of protection from the sealing bar. The 2” PTFE tape is placed on the bumper coming into direct contact with the hot sealer. After the base layer of 2” PTFE tape is applied, a thinner ½” PTFE tape may be placed over it for additional protection.

Temperature Range0 - 600 F