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Flame Spray Tapes

D4700 - Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape

7.6 MIL Double Sided Glass Cloth Tape has a Silicone Adhesive. For masking uses in high temperature metalizing or plasma-spray coating processes. Excellent holding tape for components on circuit boards. Inner wrap for coils, transformers and others.

HVOF - Silicone Rubber Flame Spray Tape

18 MIL HVOF is a laminate of blue silicone rubber, glass fabric, 4 mil aluminum designed for severe duty, including HVOF applications. The silicone adhesive will release cleanly, the double ply construction provides superior protection in this demanding high velocity spray.

WR1350 - White Silicone Rubber / Glass Thermal Spray Tape

11 MIL WR1350 is a white silicone rubber-coated glass fabric with a high temperature silicone adhesive. The silicone rubber is tough and abrasion resistant to withstand high temperatures and grit blasting impact. The silicone adhesive provides excellent adhesion at high temperatures yet will remove cleanly. WR1350 is used as a masking tape in plasma flame spraying. It's also a one step masking tape used in the "grit blast" and "plasma spray" process all in one masking application. It is very good in preventing bridging during the metallization process.

GF1310 - Aluminum / Glass Flame Spray Tape

8 MIL GF1310 is a produced from aluminum foil, glass fabric laminate, and a high temperature silicone adhesive. Used primarily as a masking tape for plasma flame spraying.

GC1305 - Glass Cloth Flame Spray Tape

7 MIL GC1305 has a high temperature silicone adhesive, removes clean with no residue and has great abrasion and blasting resistance.

SRGF - Silicone/Rubber Glass Cloth Flame Spray Tape

12 MIL SRGF is coated with a special silicone rubber agent on one side and highly functional silicone abrasive on the other side. Designed for use of high temperature plasma and flame spray masking process.