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Custom Fabricating & Supplies is an ISO 9001:2015 supplier and contract manufacturer of performance component die cuts, custom rubber molded parts, industrial masking supplies and converted non-metallic materials. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry and are experts in surface protection applications such as tapes & plugs as well as seals, gaskets, and insulators.   Watch our Corporate Video to learn more about how we partner with our customers on their toughest projects.

Caps & Plugs

CFS uses state-of-the-art Delta ModTech precision rotary die cutting machines for high volume, tight tolerance projects. Advanced optical registration and vision inspection reporting is available to ensure perfect parts every time!

Rotary Die Cutting

When converting thin film and pressure sensitive adhesive tape die cuts, CFS utilizes the flexibility provided by our machinery and tooling to produce in-line laminating, kiss cutting, scoring, split lining, sheeting, kitting, and perforating.

Laser Die Cutting

CFS uses a Delta ModTech with Edge technology and vision inspection reporting. Lasers, when used in conjunction with rotary dies, produce significantly more precise product than any combination of traditional rotary dies could provide.

Dieless/Digital Knife Cutting

Our machines fabricate parts with the 3D characteristics of a custom molded part without the extended lead time and up-front tooling costs. Our dieless solution allows for single piece sampling, rapid prototyping and large diameter parts.

Steel Rule Die Cutting

Used to create parts with diameters larger than a rotary press can accommodate, it is the preferred method for cutting many gasket materials, such as rubber and foam, which are too thick for rotary presses.

Flatbed Die Cutting

This process adds high speed capacity for parts that are too large to run on a rotary press or for higher volumes than are economical for steel rule. Allows for very high precision cuts on materials over 1/8” thick – especially when paired with matched metal dies.

Moldings & Extrusions

Not just for masking, CFS provides molding services using many different materials including silicone, EPDM, Viton, vinyl, ABS, nylon, NBR/Buna-N, SBR and many more. Ask about our domestic molding services performed in Franklin, WI!

Gasket Manufacturing

Providing gaskets, seals, o-rings and spacers for OEMs and their suppliers. When laminated with adhesive - kiss-cutting or split liners are easily added to non-metallic gaskets. Popular materials include silicone, Viton, Poron, EPDM, and many open and closed cell foams.

Clean Room Die Cutting

ISO 7, class 10,000 clean room features temperature and humidity control in a permanent, hardwall facility and include a Delta ModTech precision rotary die cutting machine fitted with an inline variable data inkjet printer.

Converting Services

Precision slitting, rewinding, and laminating contract converting available for customer supplied materials. Recently expanded services include rewind slitting with in-line lamination accommodating master logs as wide as 72” and narrow web razor slitting.

Variable Data Printing

Inline inkjet printing services allow monitoring of products from manufacturing to shipment. Not sure how you can use this? QR & Bar codes provide traceability, work instructions for lean manufacturing indicating part location and usage.

Rapid Prototyping

CFS has many options available to create proof-of-concept parts without investing in production tooling. 3D printing, digital plotting, dieless knife cutting and laser cutting are available to produce samples in as little as 24 hours.

Engineered Solutions

In addition to the decades of in-house experience, you have the support of our partners whose specialized knowledge enhances solutions with leading-edge materials and technologies. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and a 3M Preferred Converter.