Foil Tapes

Foil tapes consist of a metal-foil backing with a pressure sensitive adhesive. They are flame retardant and resist extreme temperature, high humidity, exposure to UV rays and most chemicals. Recommended for electroplating, Chrome and Nickle plating.

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  1. Aluminum Foil Tape
    Aluminum Foil Tape

    For plating and wet painting. Thermally conductive, provides excellent moisture and chemical resistance. 0 - 300° F

    Part Number: AFT
    Starting at $9.4895
  2. Lead Foil Tape
    Lead Foil Tape

    High performance rubber adhesive, used for chrome & nickel plating. Electrically conductive and acid resistant. 0 - 255° F

    Part Number: LFT
    Starting at $42.9422
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