Silicone Caps

Silicone Caps

Silicone rubber caps withstand high temperatures and harsh environments for long periods of time with ideal thermal stability. Silicone caps are used for masking Powder Coating, E-Coating, Wet Painting, Plating & Anodizing. Custom options available.

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    Silicone Caps
    Part Number: SC
    Silicone caps are used for masking studs or pems. These high temperature caps are also color coded for easy identifications and are reusable. 0 - 600° F
    Starting at $0.0336
    Oversized Silicone Caps
    Part Number: OSC
    Easy application and removal. Vented to prevent popping off during the curing process. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
    Starting at $0.1440
    Flat Silicone Cap
    Part Number: FSC
    Can be used as a cap or plug during coating processes to provide efficiencies. Excellent for plugging threads and tube ends for shipping and protection. 0 - 400° F
    Starting at $0.1058
    Silicone Rectangular Caps
    Part Number: SRC
    Ideal for masking bus bar terminals and grounding tabs used on electrical enclosures. A tapered collar helps with fine line paint masking. Color coded for easy identification and reusable. 0 - 600° F
    Starting at $0.0732
    EPDM Pull Plugs
    Part Number: FC
    EPDM pull plugs are specifically designed to mask threaded and non-threaded through holes. Reusable. 0 - 350° F
    Starting at $0.1487

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