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Silicone Plugs

Silicone rubber pull plugs and tapered plugs withstand high temperatures and harsh environments for long periods of time with ideal thermal stability and electrical insulation. Silicone rubber plugs are used for masking Powder Coating, E-Coating, Wet Painting, Plating & Anodizing. Custom options available.

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  1. Silicone Tapered Plugs
    Silicone Tapered Plugs
    Protect blind and through holes. Use on threaded and non-threaded holes. Reusable and color coded. 0 - 600° F
  2. Silicone Pull Plugs
    Silicone Pull Plugs
    Specifically designed to mask threaded and non-threaded holes through holes. Reusable and color coded. 0 - 600° F
  3. Silicone Tapered Flange Plugs
    Silicone Tapered Flange Plugs
    Plug blind or through holes while masking a perimeter around the hole. Used for ground applications. 0 - 600° F
  4. Silicone Tapered Plug W/Handle
    Silicone Tapered Plug W/Handle
    Our STP molded with a handle to assist in applying and removing to reduce time in masking. 0 - 600° F
  5. Silicone Thread Mask
    Silicone Thread Mask
    Protects the lead in threads of blind holes. Handle aids in placement and removal. Reusable and color coded. 0 - 600° F
  6. Silicone Step Plugs
    Silicone Step Plugs
    Mask both blind and through holes while also masking lead in threads and grounding areas. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  7. Silicone Chamfer Pull Plugs
    Silicone Chamfer Pull Plugs
    Protect both threaded and non-threaded holes while masking the lead in chamfer. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  8. Silicone Flange Pull Plugs
    Silicone Flange Pull Plugs
    Mask threaded holes and offer additional protection for the lead in thread of weld nuts. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  9. Silicone Flangeless Plugs
    Silicone Flangeless Plugs
    Creates a tighter seal for threaded holes than our traditional STPH. Easy to apply and remove. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  10. Silicone Coarse Threaded Plugs
    Silicone Coarse Threaded Plugs
    Strong enough to withstand pressure build-up for a watertight seal. Easily inserted by hand. Coarse Thread. 0 - 600° F
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