Vinyl Tapes

Vinyl tapes are comprised of a PVC film coated with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Excellent resistance to moisture, acids and alkalines, chemicals, oils, abrasion, and weathering. Often used for floor or aisle marking and plating. Available without adhesive.

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  1. Vinyl Tape
    Vinyl Tape

    For plating, painting and marking. Yellow is perfect for floor marking/social distancing markers. Conforms to irregular surfaces, clean removal. Available in 10 different colors. 0 - 180° F

    Part Number: PVC6
    Starting at $2.2256
  2. Non-Adhesive Yellow Vinyl Tape
    Non-Adhesive Yellow Vinyl Tape

    Non-adhesive vinyl tape used for plating. Overlap for water tight seal. No residue. 0 - 180° F

    Part Number: NAV
    Starting at $9.1859
  3. High Temp Blue Vinyl Tape
    High Temp Blue Vinyl Tape

    High temp performance with a rubber adhesive. Recommended for plating. Solvent resistant. 0 - 300° F

    Part Number: HTBV
    Starting at $3.4978
  4. High Temp Green Vinyl Tape
    High Temp Green Vinyl Tape

    Used primarily for plating. Rubber adhesive. Solvent resistant. 0 - 220° F

    Part Number: HTGV
    Starting at $2.8739
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