Self Threading Plugs

These plugs mask lead-in threads very well avoiding gauging issues and provide a leak proof seal. Self-Threading plugs won’t break off during removal and can be left in post-cure to prevent flash rust. Great for Electroless Nickel Plating, Anodizing & Wet Painting.

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  1. Self Threading Plugs
    Self Threading Plugs

    For use with threaded holes. Self tapping ability creates leak proof seal. Easy to insert and remove. 0 - 180° F

    Part Number: LDPE
    Starting at $0.0342
  2. High Temp Self Threading Plugs
    High Temp Self Threading Plugs

    Superior sealing and holding power. Won't break off during removal. Leave in post-cure to avoid flash rust. 0 - 400° F

    Part Number: NSTP
    Starting at $0.0920
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