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Caps & Plugs

Whether it's Silicone Plugs or EPDM and Vinyl Caps, Custom Fabricating & Supplies has your industrial masking needs covered. A preferred supplier for the coating industries, our large stock of high temp silicone caps, flange, pull & washer plugs means most orders ship same day. Don't see what you need? Custom options available.

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  1. Silicone Tapered Plugs
    Silicone Tapered Plugs
    Protect blind and through holes. Use on threaded and non-threaded holes. Reusable and color coded. 0 - 600° F
  2. Silicone Pull Plugs
    Silicone Pull Plugs
    Specifically designed to mask threaded and non-threaded holes through holes. Reusable and color coded. 0 - 600° F
  3. Silicone Tapered Plug W/Handle
    Silicone Tapered Plug W/Handle
    Our STP molded with a handle to assist in applying and removing to reduce time in masking. 0 - 600° F
  4. Silicone Flange Pull Plugs
    Silicone Flange Pull Plugs
    Mask threaded holes and offer additional protection for the lead in thread of weld nuts. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  5. Silicone Hollow Tapered Plugs
    Silicone Hollow Tapered Plugs

    Using less material, Hollow Tapered Plugs offer a more economical option to our larger diameter Silicone Tapered Plugs. 0 - 600° F

  6. Silicone Dual Flange Pull Plug
    Silicone Dual Flange Pull Plug
    For masking weld nuts, they can be easily removed by pulling through weld nut after coating. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  7. Silicone Step Plugs
    Silicone Step Plugs
    Mask both blind and through holes while also masking lead in threads and grounding areas. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  8. Silicone Caps
    Silicone Caps
    Used for masking studs or pems. These caps are also color coded for easy identifications and are reusable. 0 - 600° F
  9. Silicone Flangeless Plugs
    Silicone Flangeless Plugs
    Creates a tighter seal for threaded holes than our traditional STPH. Easy to apply and remove. Reusable. 0 - 600° F
  10. Silicone Flange Caps
    Silicone Flange Caps
    Designed to mask a stud or pem and the perimeter around them. Most commonly used for ground applications. 0 - 600° F
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