EPDM Plugs

EPDM is rated to 375°. EPDM plugs are often chosen when it is desired that the paint does not come off the plug during or after the coating process.  A preferred selection for many wet paint coaters. Custom size EPDM tapered and pull plugs available by special order. Also used in masking anodizing & plating.

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  1. EPDM Tapered Plugs
    EPDM Tapered Plugs

    EPDM tapered plugs protect blind and through holes. Use on threaded and non-threaded holes. Reusable. 0 - 350° F

    Part Number: ETP
    Starting at $0.0220
  2. EPDM Pull Plugs
    EPDM Pull Plugs

    EPDM pull plugs are specifically designed to mask threaded and non-threaded through holes. Reusable. 0 - 350° F

    Part Number: EPP
    Starting at $0.0480
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