Polyimide Tapes

Polyimide Tapes

Polyimide Tape is a high temp tape used in printed circuit board (PCB) production, automotive and aerospace industries. Kapton maintains excellent physical, mechanical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures - continuous up to 500°F for 1 hour & short exposures over 700°F. The high temperature adhesive tape leaves minimal residue when removed. We can provide non-adhesive Polyimide | Kapton films. 

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    Kapton conformal coating tape
    Part Number: KPT
    The thinnest of our Polyimide tapes, it is very conformable. Perfect for circuit board and conformal coating masking. Clean removal, leaves no residue. Custom sizes available. 0 - 500° F
    Starting at $3.0949
    Polyimide conformal coating masking tape
    Part Number: KPT2
    Polyimide tape is the ideal high temperature masking tape. Works great for fine line and two tone applications. Offers a clean removal. Custom sizes available. 0 - 500° F
    Starting at $5.4338
    High Temp Polyimide Tape
    Part Number: KPT5
    5 Mil Polyimide with 1.5 Mil high temperature Silicone adhesive. Used during the wave solder process and electronics manufacturing. High strength backing for superior puncture and tear resistance. Excellent high temp tape.
    Starting at $16.5000

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