Crepe Tapes

CFS offers two different crepe tapes for industrial applications. Our high temp crepe tape is ideal for painting cycles requiring an oven cure up to 325° F. Industrial grade crepe tape is a general purpose paper masking tape for light duty use. Both can be slit same-day to your specification. Inquire about custom die cut crepe tapes.

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  1. High Temp Crepe Tape
    High Temp Crepe Tape

    High performance crepe masking tape is 7.5 Mils thick and is ideal for painting. Provides clean removal. 0 - 325° F

    Part Number: HTC
    Starting at $3.4025
  2. Industrial Grade Crepe Tape
    Industrial Grade Crepe Tape

    An all purpose crepe masking tape recommended for painting and non-critical applications. Clean removal. 0 - 225° F

    Part Number: ICT
    Starting at $2.0693
  3. Poly Film Tape Mask
    Poly Film Tape Mask
    Used for wet painting, offers great conformability. Removes cleanly. Available in a high temp version. 0 - 300° F
    Part Number: PTFM
    Starting at $13.6422
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