As we are a portion of the critical supply chain for the Medical and Defense industries, CFS will remain open during the COVID-19 business closures.

We are working hard to serve our customers and keep our employees safe during these challenging times. 

Crepe Tapes

CFS offers two different crepe tapes for industrial applications. Our high temp crepe tape is ideal for painting cycles requiring an oven cure up to 325° F. Industrial grade crepe tape is a general purpose paper masking tape for light duty use. Both can be slit same-day to your specification. Inquire about custom die cut crepe tapes.

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  1. High Temp Crepe Tape
    High Temp Crepe Tape

    High performance crepe masking tape is 7.5 Mils thick and is ideal for painting. Provides clean removal. 0 - 325° F

    Part Number: HTC
    Starting at $2.6958
  2. Industrial Grade Crepe Tape
    Industrial Grade Crepe Tape

    An all purpose crepe masking tape recommended for painting and non-critical applications. Clean removal. 0 - 225° F

    Part Number: ICT
    Starting at $1.8076
  3. Poly Film Tape Mask
    Poly Film Tape Mask
    Used for wet painting, offers great conformability. Removes cleanly. Available in a high temp version. 0 - 300° F
    Part Number: PTFM
    Starting at $11.7000
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