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New Products and Specials

Stay in the know and up to date on our newest product releases and specials. Whether we're launching a new plug, or running a special on our industrial masking supplies and tape, you can find out the latest information here.

Our Newest Industrial Products:

Silicone Push Weld Nut Plugs 600°F

Our Push Weld Nut Plugs are designed specifically for masking weld nuts. These plugs offer additional protection for both lead in and exit threads

Designed to work in applications where the back of the weld nut is not accessible.

High Temp Self Threading Plugs

Our High Temp Self Threading Plugs were designed for superior sealing and holding power. These plugs will seal lead threads extremely well avoiding gauging issues. The plugs have a high-temperature resistance and won’t break off during removal. They can be used on helicoal sizes.

The Self Threading Plugs can also be left in for Post Cure Applications to prevent Flash Rust as well. Great for Electroless Nickel Plating.

Silicone Threaded Plugs

Our Threaded Plugs are the perfect solution where a watertight seal is needed. Our Plugs are strong enough to withstand pressure buildup, and can be easily inserted by hand. Our exclusive hex head design allows these plugs to be inserted with a power tool if desired. Coarse and Fine Threads are available. For use up to 600°F.

View our current products or contact us to learn more about our line of tapes, silicone plugs and caps.