3M 5925 Black VHB Tape

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3M™ VHB™ 4952 is a black, 0.025" (0.6 mm) tape with a modified acrylic adhesive and a very conformable, acrylic foam core. This provides an extraordinarily strong double sided foam tape that adheres to a broad range of substrates including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, composites, plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, painted or sealed wood and concrete. Commonly used in applications across a variety of markets including transportation, appliance, electronics, construction, sign & display and general industrial. Specifically designed for good adhesion to high, medium and lower surface energy plastics and paints, metals and glass. Applications for this tape include bonding and sealing polycarbonate lens over LCD, signage and windows to post-painted control panels. Reliably bonds a variety of materials with strength and speed for permanent applications.

Product Features

  • Operates long-term at temperatures of up to 250°F/121°C with short excursions to 300°F/149°C
  • Provides excellent shear strength, conformability, surface adhesion and temperature resistance
  • Fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding method provides high strength and long-term durability
  • Virtually invisible fastening keeps surfaces smooth
  • Can replace mechanical fasteners (rivets, welds, screws) or liquid adhesives
  • Eliminate drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and associated clean-up
  • Creates a permanent seal against water, moisture and more by offering better gap filling capabilities
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds on contact to provide immediate handling strength
  • Allows the use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials
  • Minimum suggested application temperatures above 50°F (10° C)


  • 0.025" Total Thickness (excludes liner)
  • Roll Length - 36 yards

Recommended Applications

  • Decorative material and trim
  • Nameplates and logos
  • Electronic displays
  • Panel to frame
  • Stiffener to panel


  • Tensile Strength (lb/in) - 90
  • Dynamic Shear (lb/in) - 90
  • Steel Adhesion (oz/in) - 17
  • Dielectric Constant - 2.14
  • Thermal Conductivity - 0.05
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