Automated Flatbed Die Cutting

Automated flatbed die cutting is an excellent choice for finished products exceeding 13” in diameter or for thicker gasket materials not suited for a rotary press. The output of the Preco flatbed die cutting machine is up to 10x faster than traditional methods fpr these materials and can hold extreme precision to +/- 0.005”.

Flatbed Die Cutting
Automated Preco Die Cutting
Automated Flatbed Die Cutting

Flatbed Cutting Services from CFS

Flatbed die cutting is a specialized type of steel rule die cutting. CFS uses a Preco hydraulic automatic press with steel rule dies to perform automated flatbed die cutting services. This process adds high speed capacity for parts that are too large to run on a rotary press or for higher volumes than are economical for steel rule punching or our digital/dieless knife cutting machines. Flatbed die presses allow for very high precision cuts on materials over 1/8” thick – especially when paired with matched metal (male/female) dies.

A variety of materials can be converted using flatbed die-cutting services. Examples of materials that we can convert include industrial adhesive tapes, silicone rubbers and sponge, EPDM, RN-8011, fish paper, Nomex, chipboard, VHB tapes, cork and cork/rubber, Poron and plastics. Products manufactured by CFS using flatbed die cutting include thermal pads for housing gaskets, LED lighting, flywheel masking and vibration control spacers.

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