3M 8991 Blue Polyester Tape

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3M™ Polyester Tape 8991 is a thin and conformable translucent blue polyester tape with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. This high-temperature tape is also designed with a thin polyester backing that resists shrinking, curling, tearing and edge lifting, offering reliable masking and consistent results. This tape features sharp, clean paint lines and provides excellent thermal, abrasion and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility.  3M™ 8991 polyester tape removes cleanly without leaving behind an adhesive residue, for a clean finish.

Product Features

  • Operates at temperatures up to 400°F/204°C
  • Polyester films offer excellent thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance while maintaining their flexibility
  • Translucent blue color makes tape placement obvious for both application and removal
  • Backing leaves a sharp paint line
  • Silicone adhesives offer high heat resistance compared to many rubber and acrylic adhesives, reducing failure due to softening, oozing, and adhesive transfer
  • Silicone adhesives adhere well to tough-to-stick-to surfaces like silicone liners and fixtures coated with mold release
  • Silicone adhesive removes cleanly from many surfaces


  • 2.4 Mil Total Thickness
  • Roll Length - 72 yards

Recommended Applications

  • Masking for powdercoat painting
  • Masking in e-coating, electroplating and anodizing
  • Flashbreaker tape when pulling through cured coating such as epoxies
  • Splicing, tabbing and roll closing difficult-to-stick surfaces such as silicone treated liners
  • Holding material, securing parts and sealing of vacuum bags during autoclave processes


  • Tensile Strength (lb/in) - 30
  • Elongation (%) - 100
  • Steel Adhesion (oz/in) - 31
ProcessPlating, Powder Coating, Anodizing, E-Coating
Temperature Range0 - 400 F
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