Industrial Grade Crepe Discs


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Product Details

These die cuts are manufactured from a coarse crepe paper backing with a natural rubber/synthetic blend adhesive. A general grade masking tape designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications.

Product Features

  • Temperature Rating: 225° F / 107° C
  • Used when air drying parts after wet painting
  • Custom sizes available for same day shipment
  • Standard die cut sizes in stock or can be made to your specifications
  • Split back liner available upon request


  • 5.3 Mil Total Thickness


  • Tensile Strength (lb/in) - 15
  • Elongation (%) - 8
  • Steel Adhesion (oz/in) - 37
  • Quick Stick Steel (oz/in of width) - 5.5
  • Quick Stick to Kraft (oz/in of width) - 12